Friday, July 18, 2008

Birth Mothers - Where Are You?

Natalie Ann, born 02/21/1958, Brady Hospital in Albany, NY would love to meet her birth mother and her twin brothers she had before Natalie Ann was born. We know how difficult and painful it was for you to give her up. You came from Iowa after your mother died to live with your brother in Albany. It wasn't easy for you and we know that. You have a daughter, a son-in-law and grandsons who are waiting to meet you and give you a hug. Where are you?

Jeffrey Alan, born 04/18/1965, Buffalo, NY - we don't know if Alan was his middle name or his last name. Well, Mom, we're pretty sure it was Buffalo but the county doesn't have the best record keeping system, they can't find his paperwork (and I'm being very kind here)so if you've tried to find him, you've probably had about as much luck as he's had trying to find you. Jeff is what is known as a Late Discovery Adoptee - that means he lived his life (until about a year ago) never knowing he was adopted. He needed a passport to cross the border into Canada, asked for his birth certificate, one question lead to another and at age 42 he found out the truth. For all birth mothers who think "if my child wanted to find me, they'd be looking" know that some don't look because they never knew and those who do look hit brick walls every step of the way. Mom, where are you?

Mom, I'm Jennifer, born in Booth Memorial, Buffalo, New York on 4/21/1968.
I was told you were 16 years old at the time of my birth. I was adopted in Ithaca, New York. My adoption was handled by Tompkins County. I'm happy but there is that empty space in my heart that only you can fill. Mom, where are you?

James Edward Lowe, born in Swedish Hospital, Englewood, CO (near Denver, Colorado) on 11/11/1957 says he would love to reunite with his birth family. He lost his adoptive mother about a year ago and his adoptive father before that. His name is David now, he lives in NY State with his wife, children and grandchildren. David's mom, where are you?

And here's more grown adults who are calling out Mom, where are you?
Arlene Koch, now Barbara Anne, born 12/26/1953 at Our Lady of Mercy, NY
Melinda Elizabeth, now Michele Ann, born 07/20/1958 at Albany Medical Center, NY
Amy or Anne Marie, now Renee, born 08/05/1969 in Albion, NY
Dennis, now Jeffrey, born 10/23/1952 in Mineola, NY
Tabitha, still Tabitha, born 11/17/1981 in Rome, NY
Baby Girl Clark, now Peggy Sue, born 04/04/1960 in Rome, NY
Lisa Jean, born 09/12/1968 in Rochester, NY - your mom and birth sister are looking for you; are you in Florida?
Baby girl who is Hispanic or perhaps Puerto Rican, born 05/13/1972 in Lackawanna, NY

You can find hundreds of NY Adoptees and birth parents at this free search and support group:

If you have information that will help any of these people with their search, please contact me.
I am a search angel - I will not ask you for money.

Peace to you and those you love,
Aunt Patty