Sunday, October 12, 2008

Adoptees Seek - Birth Mothers Seek

Adoptees and birth mothers or birth families -- if you recognize any of the information, please contact me.

We are hoping to find a male adoptee, born 03/05/1986. He was born in either Staten Island or St. Vincent's Hospital. The private adoption was handled by an attorney in Brooklyn, NY. His Grandmother would love to find him. She believes he was named Christopher but that has probably changed. That is also March 5, 1986 and 3/5/1986 for the web crawlers. Contact

A caucasian male adoptee, born 11/05/1962 in Ogdensburg, NY is searching for any birth family. He has three siblings he would like to find. His birth mother is reported to be of French and Native American descent. That's November 5, 1962 and 11/5/1962 for the web crawlers. (G)

A female caucasian adoptee, born 03/04/1971, would like to find her birth family. She was born in Valhalla or Mt. Pleasant, NY At Valhalla Hospital and adopted through Westchester Family Services in Port Chester, NY. March 4, 1971 3/4/1971 (G)

Natalie Ann, born 02/21/1958 at Brady Hospital in Albany, NY is still searching for her birth mother and twin brothers. February 21, 1958 2/21/1958 (

We are looking for a caucasian male adoptee, born 02/28/1989 in Rochester, NY at St. Mary's Hospital. Birth mother does not want to disrupt his life; just wants to know he is okay and is open to a relationship if he is willing. February 28, 1989 2/28/1989 (G)

Emily is searching for her birth son, born 05/16/1975 in Rochester, NY. His adoption was handled by Catholic Family Center. May 16, 1975 5/16/1975 (

A female adoptee, born Infant Hernandez, 06/26/1974 at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Adoption handled privately; birth mother's maiden name begins with "Willi" -- could be Willis, Williams etc. June 24, 1974 6/26/1974 (

Jeff, born 04/18/1965, Buffalo, NY is still searching for any birth family. Jeff, whose middle or last name may have been Alan is a Late Discovery Adoptee; he did not learn that he was adopted until he was over 40 years of age.* April 18, 1975 4/18/1975 (

* For those birth parents who have always been told not to search but who have always hoped their child would search, bear in mind the adoptee may not even know he/she was adopted.

If you have any information about those listed above, please contact me at Your information will be treated confidentially.

Peace to you and those you love,
Aunt Patty