Thursday, April 12, 2007

The search continues...1966 Yonkers, NY

Your birthmom, Sandy, is doing what she can on her end and has contacted Family Services of Westchester County who handled the adoption. I continue to handle the computer end of things.

The Social Worker at Family Services was very nice and your birthmom (at their request) is sending them a long letter to put in the file. It's so wonderful for her to finally find out some of the information that was denied her for so long and to connect with someone who would treat her like the wonderful woman she is.

Sandy was put into a cab when she went into labor and didn't even know which hospital she was being taken to. As soon as her baby was born, she was taken out of the room and Sandy was told she could not see her. As soon as she was able, she sneaked into the nursery to see her beautiful and tiny little girl and tell her how much she loved her.

When Sandy was well enough to return to St. Faith's and then to go home, she begged her mother to let her bring this little one home. She and her father fought her mother for several weeks to no avail.

We keep searching and hoping, wanting very much to reunite with "Donna" who would be a grown woman now, possibly with children of her own. We don't want to disrupt her life; she may not even know she was adopted. We want her to know we are here for her if ever she should want or need us.

We would always be respectful of her wishes and even exchanging medical information would be helpful.

I am your Aunt Patty and I'm sitting here in Colorado on this April night while the snow falls and the cold wind blows. I hope the morning doesn't bring the 6-12" of snow that was predicted. I'm anxious for Spring to come so I can plant a little garden, spruce up the cabin cruiser for summer trips to the lake and play a little golf with my husband. He's a Brooklyn transplant - we make a good pair.

Hugs and much love,
Aunt Patty

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Aunt Patty said...

Sandy and her daughter have been reunited.