Sunday, February 15, 2009

Birth Mother M. L. Wallace, Albany, New York

I've written many times about Natalie Ann who was born February 21, 1958 in Albany, New York. After a very dedicated search, Natalie has now found her birth mother (who is now deceased) and her twin brothers who were born in Albany, NY, in 1956. Natalie Ann and her twin brothers were born at Brady Hospital.

Here is a new twist to the story which results in yet another search. She also found a brother and a sister born after her, who were looking for her in spite of the fact that they had been told she was half of a set of stillborn twins. Now they all are seeking the missing twin. They are said to have been girls. However, they were also said to have been stillborn; that might suggest we can't trust or rely on hearsay and the missing twin may be male or female.

There is also one more missing child, gender unknown, born in New York in 1960. No other information is available on this child.

Let me give you some information about the mother of these children, before you begin to think ill of her.Aside from the fact that birth control was not readily available, this mother's only fault is that she fell head over heels in love, deeply in love with a man who, in spite of repeated promises to commit to her, never could.

She became pregnant with the first set of twins who were born in 1956. The stigma associated with unwed women having babies would have dictated that she place the boys for adoption. However, when she found out she was carrying twins she kept the boys, not wanting them to be separated from one another.

Then Natalie Ann was born on 02/21/1958 and the story goes that twin girls were born to the mother on that date. They were said to have been stillborn. Since the mother is deceased, we can't ask how or where this story originated. We believe she may have told this story, perhaps as some sort of denial; it almost doesn't matter now. Non-identifying information tells us that the mother cared for Natalie for several months after her birth, but in that non-id there is neither mention of a twin nor mention of other siblings which now have been found...all but the twin plus one born sometime in 1960 in the State of New York and probably in the Albany area.

M. L. Wallace, God Rest Her Soul, finally gave up on this man and found a loving, caring man to marry. They had children, all of whom she could keep and were happily married for 30 years. All her children know about the others and all hope to find the missing twin born February, 1958 and the missing child born May, 1960.

Please contact me if you can help.
Peace to you and those you love,
Aunt Patty


angelina Barbara brooklyn said...

The missing twin and the other child girls, and do the other children have blue eyes and ligth hair.

Galway Girl said...

Okay...I have been searching my past and by the time I got to the Church of Latter Day Saint they told me to look into missing and/or adopted children. Up popped your blog. I was born Feb. 21, 1958 in New York. I know that I am Irish and Scotish. Is it possible?

Aunt Patty said...

The birth mother, maiden name Wallace, was definitely Scottish. I have only seen photos of one of the twin girls. Her hair is dark now but was lighter when she was a child.


Aunt Patty said...

Photos are available at:

Cheryl Horning said...

Hi Aunt Patty, I don't know if you still use this site, but I was wondering if you know who Galway Girl is? I hope you are well! I still have the same email. - Cherie

joan said...

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Sam 1960 said...

Hopefully this will post this time I have tried three times. I am a man who was born in Amsterdam, NY on May 1, 1960. As a child I had reddish blond hair and I have blue eyes. I received the non- identifying information from the registry and I know that my birth mother was 30 at the time of my birth and that she had Atleast 3 children prior to me. If you think this lines up with this case or any others please feel free to contact me at